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Flamenco Meditations on an Emergency (International New York Times)

MADRID — The Seville-born Spanish choreographer and dancer Israel Galván looks unprepossessing: trim and lithe, his beard flecked with gray. Yet his style is explosively eclectic. From taut whirls and arching leaps he snaps into angular poses and syncopated glides.

International audiences know Galván best for bringing flamenco into a worldlier register. Now, he has created a program as bracing — and important — for its subject matter as for its choreography: Earlier this month at Madrid’s Teatro Real, Galván debuted “Lo Real/Le Réel/The Real,” about the half million gypsies who were murdered in the Holocaust. Dance lovers are not the only ones who should be taking heed.

The plight of the Roma and the Sinti peoples — known collectively as the gypsies, a misnomer that has stuck — under the Nazis is still regrettably obscure. And their continuing woes throughout Europe are a glaring reminder that prejudice is still alive on the Continent.

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